Ephemeral works of art to bless your home, workplace or event.

I work with the churches, congregations and spiritual gathering places of Port Townsend to provide fresh, seasonal, inspiring and beautiful floral arrangements to grace their services, altars and tables.

Flourish Flowers provides an opportunity for these communities to rethink the use of expensive, pesticide-soaked flowers that impact farmworker health; land, air and water and may have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to arrive to their altars.

To protect and celebrate Mother Earth, we provide a more ethical way of decorating.

*In a typical year, between 85-95% of the most common fresh cut flowers sold in the U.S. are imported from Columbia and Ecuador. According to the Labor Education in the Americas Project, Ecuadorian flower companies use over 30 different pesticides in cut flowers, and 20% of the chemicals applied during flower production in Columbia are restricted or banned in the U.S. and Europe. (One Green Planet)

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