I provide busy Port Townsend humans that love beauty in their home a fresh floral taste of the garden so that they feel connected to nature each week all summer long.

Bringing Nature Inside your home all summer long.

If supporting local farms is your thing, than grabbing a spot in our limited Flourish Flowers CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) will feel juuuuust right.

A curated, hand arranged, weekly or bi-weekly plethora of blooms for your home or workplace. Weekly pick up located at Market Kitchen on Sims Way in Port Townsend.

“I was delighted each week with a lovely fresh bouquet--a wonderful gift for a special person in your life!” - Helen Klopf


The love Lexi has for her work shines through in the beauty of her bouquets.The texture, color, fragrance and composition she combines in each one is true artistry. Flourish Flowers will always grace my sacred space.

-Lisa Leporati


“We purchased the CSA for the 2018 season and it was worth it! I originally planned to take these to the office but they were so beautiful I took them home each week instead. The variety from week to week kept it fun and exciting. We'll definitely sign up again next season!” - Terence Fleischer

Dear friend,

When I have a flower bouquet on my table, I have a piece of living art in my home.  I have a reminder to ground and breath. I have the epic, astounding beauty of Mother Nature. I have a literal miracle that speaks to ancestors of plants and people and seeds and LIFE. I have magic.

The flowers have asked me to grow them for YOU. To give you the chance to have a fresh bouquet of texture and tone, to invite you into their healing lair and capabilities, to learn with them of their diversity and depth and stunning nature.

By signing up now and supporting this small, women owned and operated business, you are helping my sustainable flower farm get this Spring started right! You will receive weekly or bi-weekly bouquets beginning early-June 2019. This will make a wonderful gift to yourself, your beloved, your dear friend or anyone at all!  Only twenty spots total!! All you need is a a vase at home or work with fresh water, snip the ends of your flowers and enjoy!

Delivery is not available at this time. Space is limited to 20 coveted spots. Experience the seasons through flowers.

With love, Lexi


“This year I did the flower CSA with Flourish Flowers and it is always the highlight of my week! The bouquets are alway beautiful and brighten up my home. Thank you Lexi!!”

-Stephanie Selle