Get Help And Save money

Are you wanting to go DIY for your wedding day?  If so, there are a number of ways that I can help you so that your experience is easy, stress-free, and still economical!

Since my greatest joy is flowers, I completely understand the desire for family and friends to be involved with the beauty and magic of flowers for the special day. That being said, I am committed to helping my couples have low stress, personalized and gorgeous weddings. Sometimes that means hiring me to do all of it (my favorite ;)) and sometimes it means using my expertise and knowledge to support you in your DIY vision of fun and beauty with no hassle. By working with me, you are ensured the absolute freshest most peak, in season florist grade flowers.

Some options for you:

I can source your flowers

You may have a dream vision in mind but aren’t sure how to bring it all together here in Port Townsend. Since I am so connected to the seasons and the regional farmers, I can easily pull together buckets and buckets of exactly what you are looking for. If I don’t have it growing on my farm for you, I can help locate it, pick it up, do quality control and process it to complete readiness for you. We all know wedding planning is busy enough so I’d love to take this task off your plate!

I can give a workshop to your peeps

This is your ticket to a super memorable, unique experience and a guarantee that your DIY centerpieces come out looking fantastic even though your relatives and friends are creating them.

I’d absolutely love to gather with your most favorite people a day or two prior to your wedding and teach you all how to get the exact look you are going for with your florals. This is how you walk away with fun, creative new skills AND get professional results on your DIY budget for your event.


It’s hard to not be joyful and relaxed in the presence of tons of beauty, friends, fun all while learning a new creative outlet.

I can Source your containers and provide supplies

Since I am in the floral industry, I know great places to buy the stylish containers for all of your floral visions. Let me help you save time and money and the endless Pinterest and Amazon searches by sourcing your containers for you.

Finally, and I’ll be candid here……  Let ME make the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages

Real talk - Some floral creations truly take skill and experience to pull together. Everything that the bridal party will be holding and wearing are the creations that will show up in almost every photo. They are also the pieces that need to be made closest to the event to be fresh and vibrant.

Instead of having your beloved guests working to create the entire floral experience at your wedding leave these touches to the pro and allow me the honor of creating your personal flowers - I’m talking bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, crowns. 


Each photon on this page are examples where the couples asked me to create their bridal bouquets and boutonnieres but their friends and families made their centerpieces. I think it was a low stress and much lower cost way to fill their events with flowers and have ensure the looks they loved for their personal florals.

For Any or All of the Above Options Get In Touch and Let’s Talk!