Hi, I'm Lexi Koch

I'm pretty sure I've been obsessed with flowers since I had them plastered all over my mauve wallpaper as a child. 

After farming mixed veggies and medicinal herbs for over a decade, my heart was calling and calling for me to focus on flowers.

To me, flowers are a way that the divine speaks to us.  I noticed myself finding buds to be the most intriguing parts of plants as they will soon burst into a wild riot of life and then seed.

You can at times hear me saying to my husband or six year old son, "I have a bouquet coming on," and that means it's time to design!

I am so insanely honored to have the job I do of translating the beauty of Mother Earth into the homes and hearts of those around me.  When I'm not in the garden or growing my son, I am supporting other women to step into their power and listen to their intuitions as a Soul Midwife at www.lexikoch.com.

Without soil under my fingernails and a deep sense of connection to the cycles of the day, I feel somewhat lost.  

I'm so excited to share my love of botanicals of every shape, size, color, texture and season with you!  Come follow along on my daily flower inspiration journey.

Reach out and say hello here.